Precision Painting has donated a $1200 paint job to the Gregory family to fix potential health hazard in family home.

The Gregory's have been going through financial problems due to the tough economic times. Todd Gregory had been laid off at his job and low employment rates have made it difficult to find another one.

While Cynthia Gregory works full time as a nurse. It's only just enough to get by because of the high mortgage payments and interest rates.

They bought a 3 bedroom house in 2007 responsibly to what they could afford. But the unexpected economic downfall has left them with a burden.

The youngest, 2 year old Chad Gregory's bedroom was found infested with mold. This was an alarming health hazard and a big concern to the Gregory's. Due to tough times their weren't many options for them as it is hard enough to make ends meet. Todd and Cynthia had no idea how they were going to come up with the money to fix this emergency.

Precision Painting heard about the story in the local newspaper. "The out cry for help touched us. We let out a helping hand Because of our understanding that people end up in unfair circumstances. We also, believe that if everyone can help one another out in stressful times like this economic downfall. It will be easier to get through with our lives. We just want to make the world a better place and give back to our community." said a Precision Painting representative interviewed by The Province.

The Gregory's we're thankful and appreciated the high quality work Precision Painting donated to make their home safe.

"We're just glad we could make a difference." -Precision Painting

Don't let go of your hope in tough economic times like this, anything is possible.

Posted in The Province - January 29, 2009