Cleaning Water Based (latex) Paint From your Brush.

To start, run the brush under warm water to rinse off the majority of the paint. Next, lather the brush with a mild soap to help aid the removal of the remaining paint.

The brush comb is used to clean the paint brush handle. With this tool,
painters will be ready to do battle with heavy paint build-up.

The steel pins on the comb are used to separate paintbrush filament while and after washing.

Keep washing the brush until all the paint is removed and the water runs clear. Next properly dry your brush by using a brush spinner or your hands. The brush spinner is the professional, best, and most effective method.

If you do not have a brush spinner handy, you can place the paint brush between both hands. Then proceed to rub your hands back and forth like you are trying to warm up on a cold winter night.

Once the brush is dry, store it back in the original "keeper" (The cardboard packaging that the brush was purchased in). It's best to hang up your paint brush when storing it away. This prevents "curling" and keeps the brush hair straight.